Milk toolkit


The frother and the milk jug seem to be the brothers of the kitchen.The satisfaction of seeing the milk rise was only cut short by the banging of the milk jug at the end of the ritual, preparing it for the flower art in the coffee. Flowers never bloomed though, because it took me awhile to understand that the milk shouldn’t be too foamy.

Size: 21×21 cm / Paper: 235gsm, satin finish

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The Moka series is a zoomed-in view to the instruments used in brewing coffee at home. It puts a magnifier on the objects that drive some of my dearest memories around coffee – even if they aren’t too often seen in coffee shops, the new domestic landscape you find these tools in reminds me of how people would gather around these symbols and chit-chat, making a beautiful social composition.

Size: 21×21 cm / Paper: 235gsm, satin finish


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