Have a cuppa


I miss the ad-hoc chit-chat coffee contributed to – I would go order four flat whites and one americano for my work colleagues somewhere at midday, just after lunch. Coming back at the office, this kept us sometimes on the veranda, small-talking. The ritual has changed – a habit that was once very social, now it is more like “time-off” moment for me and my partner. Only the smell is now a nod to what was once a social habit.

Size: 21×21 cm / Paper: 235gsm, satin finish

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The Moka series is a zoomed-in view to the instruments used in brewing coffee at home. It puts a magnifier on the objects that drive some of my dearest memories around coffee – even if they aren’t too often seen in coffee shops, the new domestic landscape you find these tools in reminds me of how people would gather around these symbols and chit-chat, making a beautiful social composition.

Size: 21×21 cm / Paper: 235gsm, satin finish